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I live within a creative spirit that seeks expression through sculpting portraits of people.

Why I sculpt: We live within a creative environment, which is moving all of the time. Sometimes it seems like an unreal place. We seek to make known things that are hidden from the natural eyes... spirit things.

Spirit is the mystery of creation where all around us we breathe it in and we are unaware....

But when awareness comes artists through the ages have sought expression ... mysteries of creation in time and in space....sometimes in peace, and sometimes, in deep anguish.

Things that are unseen, soaring, moving our spirits to new heights of unfailing love. A portrait bust is an answer to life...yes, my spirit has been a part of this great creation.

This is why we travel to the Louvre in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, the Guggenheim in New York and to other great museums of art... to witness.

Dr. Lois Fortson is a proud member of:

 The African American Visual Artist Guild

American Medallic Sculpture Association

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Centerville, Ohio

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